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Over 50 Years Crafting Quality Moulds For the Food Industry

For over 50 years, we have created specialised food processing moulds tailored to our customers' specific needs. Our experience turns your specifications into innovative, cost-effective solutions. When we take on a custom project, you get a tailored product at a highly competitive price. We work closely with customers to understand unique requirements and provide custom-designed, meticulously-engineered moulding and cooking systems based on your vision and budget. You get a custom-made solution at a price commensurate with value. We pride ourselves on providing custom moulds without limitations.

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Innovative and Durable Custom Moulds Made to Match Your End Product Specifications.

Our extensive tooling catalogue offers unlimited options to meet your production needs. With a wide variety of thick-walled, robust deep drawing moulds, precision bending tools, application of reinforced supports, welding, heat treatments, polishing, electropolishing, we can achieve complex shapes with maximum durability. Specialised in custom mould design and engineering, we build equipment tailored to your specifications and requirements. Our combination of extensive experience, premium materials, and expertise in custom manufacturing allows us to deliver high-performance, innovative moulds and tooling for your application.

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Multi Moulds

Maximizing Baking Efficiency with Custom Multi-Moulds

Our custom multi-mould solutions maximise the efficiency and productivity of your food baking process. By designing moulds to your specifications, we optimise your baking equipment utilisation, with designs focused on achieving maximum moulds per oven.  We help you achieve maximum food volume baked per unit of energy consumed, whilst always ensuring optimal uniformity in food baking quality. Our expertise lies in analysing your production needs and adapting high-performance multi-moulds to fully exploit your ovens' potential. Whether adapting dimensions or improving smoking efficiency, our specialised moulds are precision-designed to enhance performance and results.

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Client Testimonials


Working with this company has been an amazing experience. The team was very receptive to our needs and able to design custom moulds that maximised the efficiency of our ovens. The quality of their work is impeccable. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for the highest quality moulds.

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CEO Tecnical SL - Girona

We are very pleased with the moulds they designed for us. They optimised the space in our ovens allowing us to double our production. The level of attention to detail and precision in the manufacturing is truly remarkable. An invaluable partner to scale up our business.

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CEO BonArea

As a new company, having their custom moulds gave us the competitive edge we needed. We were able to start production quickly thanks to their efficient design and delivery process. Their expertise in mould engineering has saved us time and money. I highly recommend their services.

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CEO Sigma
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