Custom Designed Moulds and Tools Engineered to Meet Your Specific Needs

We understand having the right moulds and tools is crucial to the success of your manufacturing operations. That's why we offer solutions tailored to your specific production goals. When you trust us, you get moulds designed to your exact specifications that maximise efficiency and quality.

Our extensive catalogue offers proven options to suit a wide range of parts and processes. We also specialise in building fully customised moulds from scratch that are optimised for your unique workflow. Our engineers analyse the requirements of your application and design moulds that deliver reliable performance and durability in your production environment. Our expertise spans a broad range of mould types, from deep drawing or bending moulds, welding, heat treatments and pickling, always in specific stainless steel for the food sector (A304-L).

We utilise high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing methods to craft moulds with the requisite thickness, reinforcement and durability for smooth, repeatable production runs. Whatever the shape of the product you need to process in the oven, the production quantity, or your handling system, we will deliver a solution tailored to you.

Work with us and you can benefit from:


Moulds crafted to your exact specifications

We meticulously design each mould based on your specific application requirements, dimensions, materials, and processing parameters. This ensures the mould fully aligns with your production workflow for optimal efficiency.


Maximized production efficiency and quality

With moulds tailored to your process, you avoid poor fitting moulds that lead to slow cycle times and defects. Our custom moulds streamline workflow and produce flawless, consistent parts, cycle after cycle, and always guaranteeing uniform baking of your food.


Reduced maintenance costs and downtime

Moulds designed for your application put less stress on mould components and distribute wear more evenly. This significantly increases lifespan between maintenance and reduces total cost of ownership.


Our experience in custom mould engineering

We have completed thousands of successful custom mould projects across the world. This experience guides our engineering at every phase to deliver optimised moulds designed for your unique specifications.


Consistent quality from run to run

With moulds purpose-built for your process parameters and workflow, you benefit from reliable, repeatable production, free of variation. Our expertise ensures consistent quality and performance, batch after batch.


Quick turnaround on custom designs

We expedite mould design through advanced simulation of material flow and stresses during deep drawing and bending processes. We define ideal heat treatments for annealing, hardening, welding, polishing and electropolishing. We prototype and evaluate with baking tests. This way we reduce standard lead times by weeks and get your custom moulds up and running, swiftly and reliably.

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