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Let's build the future of food baking and moulding together

At InoxNISGE, we are dedicated to optimising and innovating the means of food production through custom moulds and multi-mould systems. Our expertise helps manufacturers maximise efficiency, productivity and profitability. We highly value your ideas and feedback. Details matter to us. Our mission isn't just to deliver but to exceed your expectations through transparent collaborations focused on achieving your vision.

Please get in touch to explore how our customised solutions can boost your operations. We are ready to collaborate on engineering tests and developing moulds tailored for your environment.

Whether you want to brainstorm how to maximise oven usage or streamline any part of your baking process, implement automation or elevate product development, we're here to help drive innovation. Our aim is to be a trusted and valued partner in taking your business to the next level.

Let's have a conversation about your vision, and how our multi-mould systems can optimise production. We look forward to shaping the future together and reimagining the possibilities for your manufacturing.

Please contact us today to get started.

Why Partner With Us?


Customised Solutions

We collaborate with you to design mould and multi-mould systems tailored to your manufacturing environment, products and goals. Our solutions are customised to maximise operational efficiency while achieving the desired quality of your food products to satisfy your market.


Technical Expertise

Our engineering team has decades of experience in mould and multimould design and manufacturing optimisation. We provide the technical expertise to take your production to the next level.


Trusted Partnership

We aim to forge transparent, valued partnerships with clients focused on achieving your vision. You can trust us to meet expectations and elevate your business over the long-term.